Trees of Life Kurunegala District

Trees of Life Kurunegala 3


I am from Polonnaruwa. I have two younger brothers.

I met my husband while I was studying the school. I saw him for the first time when I was on my way to the water tank to swim. My husband is from Gampaha. He served in the Divuldamana Army camp.

One day he had sent a love letter thorough a friend. I wrote a reply to that letter, and hid it inside a school book. When I was getting ready to go to school the following day, my mother got suspicious and she grabbed the book and found the letter. I was beaten and was not allowed to go to school that day.

Later he came and asked my parents for my hand. After about 10 months, when I was 17, we got married and I went to live in his house.


I received this house in 1996. It is 4 years now since my son and I came to live here. My son goes to school in Ibbagamuwa.

We do everything with the salary of my late husband.  I wanted to get a job. But there is nobody at home to look after the child when he returns from school.

My economic situation is not bad. We manage with what we have. I am even building a new addition to my house with my savings.


Some months after the marriage, I was feeling a little sick. My mother in law thought I was pregnant.  The day was 25th June.

I was looked after very well those days.

On the 28th June we two went to the paddy field. When we were there my husband’s younger brother came running. He told that the police had come to the house. I thought that my husband was playing a prank on me. We were asked to come to the police. We went. At the police station I was told that my husband was dead. I wailed and screamed. Then the policeman said,  “don’t cry here, this is an official place”. I still remember that moment.

I could not look at his body. I fainted several times. I was given saline.

I loved him so much. I could not believe that he had left me.

We got married in September. It was on a 28th that my husband came to talk to my parents, that we got married and that he died.

After the death of my husband I came to Arunapura inPolonnaruwa to live with my parents. By then the LTTE terror was intensifying. We lived in fear. Some daysas we started to eat, we’d hear gunshots. So, we’d run for our lives, leaving everything. I was heavily pregnant then, and it was difficult for me to run. But I always thought that my husband would protect us from everything.

In 1994 my son was born. I cannot describe the joy I felt at that moment. At the same time, I remembered my husband and felt an immense pain. I missed him so much. Everybody came to see my son. When I went to make my son’s birth certificate, my heart broke again, when I had to give the details of the father.


My only hope is to educate my son well.

My only treasure in life is my son. I do my best to keep him happy.I do everything for my son. I am looking after him till he gets married to a nice girl one day.

I love my country. My husband loved my country and he gave his life for it. I wish well for it.


My mother and father are behind me all the time. I respect them so much.

My two younger brothers, with whom I spent my childhood, are still beside me. They give me strength to live my life.


I have two neighboring families that I am very friendly with. I admire them and appreciate their friendship and advice all the time.

As a woman who lives alone, I am vulnerable to criticism all the time. To them it’s wrong if I walk alone; it’s wrong if I dress well. It hurts every time but it doesn’t upset me. I will continue on my journey. I will lead my life with strength.

I want to complete building the house. I am putting so much of an effort to complete this house.  I tried to obtain a housing loan, but failed. But I will not give up. I will persevere.