Kurunegala Letter 211

I am a mother of three children. After a long love affair I got married to my husband. First I stayed at his house for some time. Later, due to the problems in that house, he took me to Colombo. We rented a house and were living in it. He worked in the Panagoda camp. I worked in a garment factory in Katunayake. We lived happily for three years. Then my husband asked me to come and live in the quarters in the camp. So, we went to the camp. Then I was seven months pregnant with my son. I gave birth to my son in the Colombo Army hospital. When my baby was one and a half years old, we received a land in Ibbagamuwa Ranawiru camp. So, we left Colombo. Later I was pregnant with my daughter. Because I needed help with the my son’s schooling and I was pregnant gain, my husband left the Army after serving 12 years. Now my son is 12 years old and he sat for the grade 5 scholarship exam. My daughter is in grade two. My youngest son is in grade one. Now my husband stays home. My husband and I cultivate mushrooms as a small business. My husband does business in the market. Although he is disabled, he looks after us so well. He helps me with all my housework. We live with our three children.