Trees of Life Vavuniya District

Tree of Life Vavuniya 1


My native place is Manattkudiyiruppu in Mullaitivu. I have two brothers and two sisters. My mother Rasammah is from Point Pedro and father Nadarasa is from  Mullaitivu. I am the second child and I love all my brothers and sisters. One day a coconut fell on my head and my whole family was scared and for me this incident is unforgettable. My mother was so careful that she would not allow me to even drink water from the neighbours.

I was married in 1979. My husband was from Ilamaruthankulam in Omanthai.  It was a proposed marriage but we knew their family from childhood. I have four children, two girls and two boys.

The older girl studied up to A/Ls. In 2004 she got married when she was 24 years old. But they both died in the Tsunami. My son also died. At that time, my sister also came to stay with me.


As at present I am living at Katpakapuram, Vavuniya, on land provided by Sri TELO. My husband, son and daughter and the two daughters of my sister are with me.

My husband was a farmer. He is heart-broken due to the sad events in our life. He is not working anymore. I have sent my sister’s daughter to a hostel in Chettikulam because of my difficulties.

I used to sew for a living but now nobody gives me any sewing now because I am old. I grind chillie powder and sell it. I was rearing 6 to 7 hens at one time but now only the cage remains because the stock died.

I got a loan of Rs. 25,000 to have that small poultry farm. I still have Rs. 15,000 pending to be repaid.

The child in Chettikulam is mentally affected. She still writes saying “Mother I would love to see you”. She asks me to take her to the place her mother had been buried.  I keep her in my care because I am like a mother to her. She is in grade 9.



When the war started, my sister who was living with me, took her 13year old girl and went to the Vanni. She couldn’t come back again because a pass was not given by the Movement. They even tried to escape from there but the youngster who helped them was severely beaten and they were forced to return.

On the 23rd of April in 2009 when we were in a temple in Vallamadhu in Mullaitivu, a shell landed on the temple. My sister and the husband of another sister were killed on the spot. The rest of brothers and sisters together with my sister’s daughter,  came to a camp in Zone 4. Every week I used to meet them and provide them with food. I would weep. Later I took my sister’s daughter from the hospital and got the rights to adopt her through the Courts.

When the war was intense I used to go to the camps one by one in search of my siblings. I was searching for my sister particularly, because of her daughter. I went to the Nelukkulam, Chettikulam and Ramanathan camps. There I saw people standing in long queues to obtain food. No one could come closer to the fence and talk to me. When my sister’s husband saw me. He could not come close and embrace me in his sadness  but he burst into tears crying out to me, “sister”.



I am waiting to get some financial assistance to make improvements to my poultry shed which is in need of repair. Any assistance to give my 25 year old daughter in marriage would also be welcome.

The two children who have lost their mother are studying well. I have to educate them well so that they could stand on their own feet.

Peace should prevail in our country. I hope a day would come when our children can live on their own, inherited land. Though there is peace now, the children are not happy. I am hoping that happier times are ahead for them. I wish them happiness always.

I hope that in future, people of all the villages should be united as they have the opportunity now.



My sister who was especially attached to me and who helped bring up my children is very important to me.

Sri TELO Uthayarasa is important to us because he helped us by providing a plot of land.

Our Roman Catholic Reverend Fathers and Sisters who helped us are important to us



My husband is very supportive and shows compassion and allows me to look after the other children that have lost their parents.

All the children look after me with love and care because I am diabetic.