Photo-essays Kilinochchi District

It’s Important That We Coexist

Brief: A 34-year old mother of five from Killinochchi.

  • 1
    I work in a nursery school. My husband is a labourer. I have 5 children. There are many children who come to the nursery school whose parents have died. Some of the parents have gone abroad. So we have to act like parents.
  • 2
    We left our village because of the war. Then we were in the camps and finally ended up here. I didn’t really want to go back. When I think about my village I feel a lot of fear. We got this plot of land from Sri TELO. It’s still difficult being here, but I still feel better here than I felt in my own village.
  • 3
    My son has done his O-levels but he wants to find a job. He wants to make sure that his sisters continue to study. My husband too is not entirely well; he has a piece of shrapnel embedded in his body.
  • 4
    I would like to tell the President to let there be peace like this all the time and to please make it possible for our children to have a good education. I would also like to tell him that there are many children without parents who need to be looked after.
  • 5
    When the war stopped I was happy. I feel more secure. There’s a sense of peace now. It is important that we coexist. I pray that there will never be another war.