Vavuniya Letter 222

I am sharing with you the untold hardships that we underwent due to displacement from our native place in 1990. On account of the war we were affected and displaced in 1990 and were sent by bus from Pavatkulam to Ulukkulam with only the clothes that we were wearing. We have not taken any of our belongings. We had to walk from there, with my 5 children with much difficulties and reached Sammalankulam . We didn’t have anything to eat and we spent the night there. In the morning again we walked from there and came to Ikkirikollawa and stayed in the mosque there. The people there helped us and provided lunch. Later they allowed us to say in a school and we put up temporary huts within the school premises. I faced sever hardships without my husband to bring up the children. I was able to work and look after my children. We were also provided with dry rations in the Ikkirikollawa welfare camp. During 1993 we returned to our native place Pavatkulam. We cleared our land and under took cultivation of small crops. We used our well to water the plants.

My children had undergone sever hardships, and were unable to continue with their education is what which worries me. We didn’t have any source of income and the coconut trees that I have planted earlier is of immense help until now. I gave my daughters in marriage and they also experienced sever hardships without having access to any employment facilities. As a widow I was faced with so many challenges. I lost everything that I had during the troubled situation. I wish to tell you that since the time we came to Pavatkulam again in 1993, my children are unable to make a living and we have lost all hope.  I am also mentally disturbed over this. My husband is no more and my children are also not with me and there is no end to all the difficulties. So far, I have told you about the hardships that we are faced with and please excuse me if I have made you angry or sad.