Moneragala Letters 220



Dear Sister,


In 1991, I got married to N.M. Premathilake and was living in Ampara. While I was living happily with my husband, the brutal war shattered my life. My husband disappeared in the Mulativu attack that took place on 17.07.1996.  To date I don’t know what happened to him. My husband was looking after my parents also. But, after I lost him, I became very helpless and had to return to Okkampitiya to live with my parents. After the marriage, I was living independently but after I lost my husband, I had to come back to my parents.  It is so difficult for a widow to live alone. She cannot go anywhere alone. My parents became helpless. So, they married me off again. Now I live with my second  husband. The  painful experience of my first marriage, affected my life immensely. I still suffer the consequences of what happened. Now the war is over and we don’t feel fear anymore. We are relieved that we can live peacefully now.