Moneragala Letter 180


Regarding the disappearance of my son

My son, age, 29. My son cultivates sugar cane and sells them to Pelawatta sugar company. He worked as a tractor driver. I have 3 children. My husband is about 74 years old. I am 70 years old. My husband has undergone a surgery, so he cannot do hard work.  I am also sick and can’t work. My elder brothers built my house for me. We don’t even have a piece of land. We live on a land which belongs to the Wiharamulla temple. We live with lots of difficulties. Now our life is more difficult. It was my son who supported us; with the income he received by selling sugar cane.

My son never went anywhere. At about 9 in the morning on the Poya day of June 2009, (07th June) he went out saying he was going to the temple. That day, a few minutes before,  there had been a boxer motor cycle, parked in the Wanduruketiya junction. Just one youth about 22 years old, with long hair, with an extra helmet in hand. A trustworthy tractor driver had witnessed what happened. My son had got on the motor cycle and it had gone in the direction of Monaragala. My son never came home after that. The following day, we made an entry at Monaragala police. We informed of this to the Minister, the Chairman of local council, local council members, Minister of Defense, Inspector General of Police, Army General, Minister of Harbor and Civil Aviation – Chamal Rajapakse, Respectable President, Centre for Preserving Community Resources and Human Rights Centre in Wellawaya. To date, we have not heard a word from anywhere. The mental strength of  all the members in my family including myself, deteriorated.

I beg, please get me my son back.  With respect, I request for economic and social assistance. I kindly request, to inform the respectable President and Minister of Defense and get me my son back.