Moneragala Timeline 1

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1st Participant

I was born in Welikumbura, Monaragala. There were 12 siblings in my family. Only 9 are left now. My father was from Maragalakanda and mother was from Welikumbura. My father had died when I was 7 years old. My mother got married to a stepfather.  I was mistreated; therefore when I turned 16, I left home. I went to live with my uncle.

When I was staying at my uncle’s place, I was married off. Then I was 17. I got married to a Tamil person. Those days, there were no racial problems. He looked after me with lot of love. We both learned both Sinhala andTamil. We lived happily.

I had studied only up to grade 2. My Stepfather refused to get me schoolbooks. So I can’t write anything else other than my name.  I worked as a domestic worker since I was 13, and I suffered a lot.

My husband worked as a laborer. I got two children from him. The first one was born in January 1989 and the other one in 1999.

My son was ten years when my husband died.


2nd Participant

I was born in Bandarawela. After saying no to so many proposals, finally I got married in 1964. We came back to Okkampitiya in 1976. We did farming here. My husband was doing carpentry for the police station. Our house was called, ‘Police House’.

During the war, because of the Sinhala Tamil problems, we spent nights hiding in the wood with the children.



1st Participant

During the war, my younger brother was shot dead. He was running a small shop. He had two children. We still don’t know who his murderer was. We think, that under the pretext of LTTE, someone who was jealous of him killed him 3 years ago.

When I think of the mothers in the North who had experienced tragedy, I feel very sad.

However, although my family is a Sinhala-Tamil mixed family, we didn’t have problems in the village.

Even my children didn’t face any problems. However, we had spent several weeks hiding in the caves and in the woods during times of tension.

I am the only Sinhala person in our village. We ran to hide in fear that the Sinhala people will assault us. We ran with other Tamil neighbours.


2nd Participant

My son was born on 10.10 1975. He joined the Army in 1995. As we were living with so many financial problems, my son joined the Army. He wanted to build a house for us. He sent letters. But finally, he came home in a coffin. He died on 23. 06. 1997. Although I feel so sad that I lost him, I am proud of my son.

Other son joined the army in 1990. He got injured in a bomb explosion in Jaffna and lost one leg. Now he is a Major in the Army.

He has two children now. I am happy that he is living well.



1st Participant

Today we live in a small line-house in Aliyawatta estate. There is only one bedroom and a tiny hall house. The Rubber estate is no more. So, we do labor work for a living. Since the roof is made of tin sheets, water drips into the house when it rains. We live with lot of financial problems.

I am suffering from Arthritis. I can’t even bend my legs. Therefore I am unable to do hard work.

I am happy that I came here today. Although we have problems, we are happy that we could participate in this programme. I am glad that I had an opportunity to tell my story.

My son got married two years ago. My other son did the exam, but he could not get through. He is unemployed and stays home now.

My daughter-in-law and I take care of all the household chores.

When I look back at my life, I am happy.


2nd Participant

We live in Okkampitiya. There are five rooms in the house. The roof is made of tiles.  My husband, son, daughter-in-law, their baby and I live in the house.

I am Sinhala Buddhist. I do charitable work.

I am happy that the war ended.

I don’t have any problem today. I have 12 grand children. I am happy that I came here today.



1st Participant

Since the end of the war, our village has developed. In future more roads and hospitals will be built. Now we don’t have any fear to walk on the roads. Things will get much better in the future.

I don’t think too much about what might happen to this country in the future. There is no point in thinking of those things.

Sinhala and Tamil youths in our village live in harmony. They live in unity like relatives of one family. Infact there is no problem at all. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but the present situation is very good.

Since there are no jobs and the prices of the goods is going up, we are afraid for the future. We wonder how we are going to face the financial challenges.


2nd Participant

All of my sons are married. The only daughter says she doesn’t want to get married. I hope to do charity work.

I wish that my grandchildren will study well and achieve success.




My husband was missing since 01-03-2008. He took the 3 wheeler and went to work but for the last 4 years he has not yet returned. I think my husband could have been kidnapped by the white van. I am crying and I do not know as why he was kidnapped.
I never expected that my child would be lost. He was lost on 29-11-2008. He was a very good student. So far no information is available. The CID came and interrogated. I have informed to all about his loss. I have not heard  anything even from the human rights commission. Other children should undergo such problems. Innocent children should not be affected. I have not been affected by anyway by the people who speak our sister language. Like wise we also do not harm them



We are afraid of people who spy on us My son has not committed any crime but he was taken by them There are four children. One of them is going to school. Because of this my wife has gone abroad to work. The situation should change.
No problem in the country. We are happy and we can go wherever we like to. I am still sad. I am afraid of my daughter’s life. I came to Monaragala from Haggala. House is made of clay. My daughter and I are living here. There is a line in front of the house. Water and Electricity facilities are there. My husband is dead and I am very sad. I do not have any work and I am in a difficult situation.


Husband is an Auto driver. Mine was a love marriage. I was happy when my husband was with me. We had a small boutique and an auto. I have studied up to O/L. I came to Monaragala on 12-01-1994. I was born on 07-07-1969 in Rakkuwana. I got married on 12-01-1994.
I have studied up to grade 5. I was living with my brothers and I was happy. I started working when I was 14 years old and still I am working. K. Kanesan. and I was born on 14-10-1964.Markal is my brother. I am married. I have 5 male children. Three of them are going to school. I was living happily then.  



I still have hope that my husband will return oneday.I will get back the happiness I lost. Hope that better work will be available in future. I am afraid that I have a daughter. There will be no war in the future
We should have a better living than now. We should live like others. I think that there would not be a war in our country. We would get back our previous living conditions. My daughter is expecting that her brother would return  one day. I think that there would not be another war. I am economically affected. I hop[e that we would get equal rights in our country.